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John Pennington 

His background of bringing together selected colleagues and combining their expertise and experience to facilitate commerce and industry both in the UK and and across international borders has provided a platform to help develop companies to diversify and grow.

Stuart Flynn

A Commercial Operations & Technical Director of 28 years industry experience. Highly skilled and practiced in commercial operational design, product placement, deployment, contractual negotiations, delivery and contingency planning, combined with direct strategic sales and logistics portfolio.

Jonathan Hooker

An accomplished Facilitator and Management Consultant specialising in Leadership and Team Development, Strategy implementation and organisational Effectiveness. This is about quickly transforming the organisational culture and climate to deliver superior performance.

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson  is a successful entrepreneur who started his own battery manufacturing business at the early age of 20 in his father’s garden shed. He grew the business into a multi million pound company over the fifteen years until he sold the company in 2004.

Linda Galforg

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Linda working across the full marketing mix – traditional and digital, gained in the agroecology, energy, event, construction, education, FMCG, retail and professional service sectors.

Richard Marsden

A Board-level Sales & Marketing Director with 30 years in business and a strong IT background including CRM, DMS, data capture and communications network.

Michael Heath

As an actor, director, playwright, columnist and novelist, Michael has spent his entire career in film, television, radio, West End and repertory theatre both in the UK and abroad.

Ian Beatwell and Alina Cumali

Ian and Alina are part of the Pennington & Partners special projects and delivery team covering the UK, and Europe including Russia and Eastern Europe.

Michael Woodhouse

An experienced Senior Executive with diverse experience in general and operational management, business development and finance. Extensive international background with a proven ability to operate in cross-cultural environments.

Keith Bolshaw

Keith came to management consulting through a non-traditional route:  Originally specialising in humanitarian disaster relief, he worked at a number of major disasters with various charities, rising to be Head of Disaster Response for one of the UK’s biggest humanitarian actors.

Harry Adams

Harry has experience in conducting Financial Crime investigations in their purest sense and other high profile major acquisitive investigations where a financial or money laundering investigation is run parallel and in conjunction with an allegation of serious crime.

Robert Milne

Robert is a Forensic Expert with over 40 years’ experience at Scotland Yard in the roles of Fingerprint Expert, Crime Scene Examiner (CSI), Crime Scene Coordinator (serious crime), Forensic Intelligence Manager (Head of Forensic Intelligence MIB). Robert spent many years in crime scene examination in London’s East End including Whitechapel.

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