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International Business Facilitator, Pennington & Partners Ltd have been in business for over 10 years and have an envious reputation for bringing together key players to complete complex projects worldwide.

We operate under a simple principle: The Relationship Is Everything. With us, business is personal.

We believe that the modern high-tech world has lost the value and importance of personal interaction and we pride ourselves in acting on behalf of clients only when we have established that fundamental ingredient. Only when we truly understand the needs of our clients can we provide the level of service that is the cornerstone of our business ethos.

We only deal with company principals and decision makers. Once we have established a direct, mutually satisfactory working relationship, we move forward to a discreet service of facilitation and introduction to opportunities in: consultancy, investment, joint venture partnerships, sponsorship, corporate purchase, equity partnerships, commodities, international trade and development.

Our historic global connections allow us to offer introductions to governments and leading companies and businesses around the world regardless of the size and complexities of any given task.

Pennington & Partners  ¦   Bramerton Business Centre   ¦   Bramerton Road   ¦   Hockley   ¦   Essex   ¦   SS5 4PJ   ¦   Tel: 01268 920052   ¦